Realistic methods of being a portrait photographer

Hong Kong Portrait Photographer

Emotion can change a lot.
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Q&A: Hong Kong Portrait Photographer, how?

Question: I want to be a good Hong Kong Portrait Photographer. What are the good ways?

Answer: Not talk about the location. Portrait photography is not as easy as it may sound. Rather, it is a difficult skill to master and requires a lot of talent. With the technology becoming more advanced and more user-friendly, anyone can take pictures easily. However, it is not the same story in professional photography. This is especially difficult when it comes to portraiture because you are not only taking a random picture from someone but it also trying to capture their emotion and expression.

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Idea to be a top Hong Kong Portrait Photographer

Hong Kong Portrait Photographer

Matt Bomer Corporate Portrait. Many people love that.
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Tough to be a Top Hong Kong Portrait Photographer!

Hong Kong Portrait Photographer can be a creative job and fun. Yet, it is not a easy job. In other way to say, having a photography business in Hong Kong or anywhere else is not an easy thing as it sounds (In fact, no business is easy.) The beginning is difficult and tough, and there will have many mistakes to learn from. Surely, it is a tough but wonderful experience. However, the result can be very amazing.

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What do Interior Design Photographer do?

Hong Kong Interior Design Photographer

Taking pictures of Anna Sui’s bathroom can be challenging. Picture credit:

Photography for Interior Designers = Marketing

Interior design has been a well-known subject in design field. Hiring an interior designer is no longer restricted or limited to people who enjoy luxury design anymore.  Generally speaking, people want to hire interior designers for investment. A well-designed home is one kind of investments that can increase the value of their homes. Many people usually look for a good interior designer through advertisements. However, the interior designer always need to show their best works for clients and convince people. Most of the times, interior designers use good and professional photographs to demonstrate their previous works, and that is the only way for people to judge the designer whether he or she has the ability or matching style to design. So, interior designers often hire some professional interior design photographer. Continue reading

In or Out: What Corporate Portrait Photographers do

Doing corporate portrait photography is a challenging job, yet it is one form of art to present wonderful professional images. Hong Kong corporate portrait photographer are commissioned to do photography for the promotion of the business organization. This is one kind of art that requires special skills and understanding of what the photographs should have.

According to Angel Andreu, my friend who is the best Hong Kong Portrait Photographer as well as Hong Kong Corporate Photographer, it needs special lighting and different setting for bringing the most amazing pictures.

In most cases, the corporate photographs are used for the employees and the management of a company for the company websites and magazines. The portable lighting equipment are used for nurturing the best effects and getting the best results out of each pictures.  There are many kinds of techniques, which are used to bring out best possible results. Some of the basic techniques, which can be used, are the followings: Continue reading

Don’t stress out: How do you prepare to find good Corporate Portrait Photographer?

Women has more choices to be fabulous in corporate portraiture. Picture Credit:

If you are looking to get photographs taken because you do not want to forget the moment at work, you need to hire a portrait photographer. There are many different types of photographers in Hong Kong. Each professional one realistically has a certain type of photography that he or she specializes in. For example, if you want to take a corporate portrait photographs for work, you need to find a professional Hong Kong Portrait Photographer. Continue reading

Hong Kong – A Paradise for Corporate Photography

Professional Portrait Photographer

A Corporate Portrait Photographer Paradise Surely, Hong Kong is a photographer’s paradise. It is a very safe place for those who are going to be carrying costly digital equipment with them. The Hong Kong culture also means that you can … Continue reading

New York old photos

I love #NewYork. Old photos are the best.

primarolia NYC

New York old photos

Some more nice New York City old views. Times Square, 1935. Betty Boop CARTOON on the marquee from Paramount Theater. The Hotel Astor you see in the upper corner came down mid-sixties, along with Penn Station and Singer Building. Not a good time for beaux-arts. We miss them now. Don’t we?




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