Merry Christmas

Please share this important message for people living in Toronto. Blackout is no fun, especially during Christmas!

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Merry Christmas

Dear Toronto Friends,

I hope you are warm and safe.

It is going to be pretty cold for the next few days and some people may be leaving their homes to find warmer places to stay.

If you are without power there are a couple of things you need to know:

Your furnace
If you heat your home/business with electricity, turn your thermostats off or down to prevent damage or injury should a sudden power surge occur when power is restored.

Electrical components
Unplug all electrical components that have a circuit board. When the power returns, it may surge and could fry anything with a circuit board e.g.TV’s, computers etc.

IMPORTANT: If your power line was downed by the ice storm and there was damage to the STAND PIPE (aka POLE)

Toronto Hydro is disconnecting anyone who had a damaged line. They will hook you back up IF…

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