13 Ways To Overcome A Writer’s Block

Writing is important. Idea of writing online is not new, but most people definitely lack of patient to do. A successful blogger spend a lot of time to write. L’ Essenziale Home Designs is one of the blogs that I have been following. Anna wrote this new blog post about how to write better. Interestingly Anna is not giving the idea how you should write. It focuses on the following idea

“You thought of a fantastic topic for an article, you picked up a catchy title, and perhaps even wrote the first sentence. And then…Your head seems to be empty and you mind is blocked. Messy thoughts are flying in disorder.” –  Anna

I have that moment all the time, even when I started my private blog networks. Motivation is very important. If you do not have the consistent motivation, that cannot be a good blogger.

However, writing blogs are my business and I do it for my clients. What I do everyday is to set up the time schedule and push myself to write at least 2 blog posts with no less than 300 words everyday. It sounds a difficult task, but it is the way to be a successful blogger. There is no miracle or magic to be a successful blogger within few days. Many good bloggers have been writing blogs for years on specific topics. Photography, design, recipes, and you name it.

On the other hand, a successful blogger needs to know how to use social media, as communication is one of the most important way to promote the blog today. In my opinion, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc are the best social media to promote the blog effectively.

There are many works to do in order to be a successful blogger, and it can be a full time job. However, if you do not do it, you will not get anything. If you start writing a blog post everyday and spread it on social media, you will be definitely successful in a long run.

L' Essenziale Home Designs

Have you ever experienced that? You thought of a fantastic topic for an article, you picked up a catchy title, and perhaps even wrote the first sentence. And then… nulla… Your head seems to be empty and you mind is blocked. Messy thoughts are flying in disorder. I will open you a little secret: you are not the only one.

writer's block

I must confess that when I started blogging it took me two or sometimes even three days to write a single post. I was writing and then correcting and rewriting and editing again. I was so exhausted and overwhelmed with the process that at some point I almost decided to quit. Since then I improved my writing skills a lot. Now it usually takes me around two or three hours to write a new article for my blog. This allows me to publish more often which immediately results in increased…

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2 thoughts on “13 Ways To Overcome A Writer’s Block

  1. Tony, you have raised some very important questions here! Completely agree with you that self-motivation is the key. On the weekend I saw a very interesting documentary movie called “Touching the Void” (don’t know if you have seen it) about an alpinist who broke his leg during ascent. He was able not only to survive, but return back to the camp all alone and with a broken leg! There was no miracle, he was just putting little goals to himself, like “I have to pass 10 meters within 20 minutes”. He said if he would put a big goal like “return home” he would never be able to achieve it. After watching this movie, I thought that really there is nothing impossible in this life.

    • Hello Anna, I have not watched that movie, but I will if I have time. Self-motivation is the important key to be a successful blogger. If a blogger does not write blog post regularly, it is hard to keep people. How can people to write regularly? The answer is self-motivation. 🙂

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