Little Thing: Singapore Photographer Leslie Kee

Heart Media, Singapore Magazine Publisher. Men's Folio

Godfrey Gao and Leslie Kee work together = Perfect image.
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Godfrey Gao + Leslie Kee = Men’s FOLIO Cover

It is stylish and fabulous. In September 2013, Singapore magazine Men’s Folio features Godfrey Gao regarding his latest movies, City of Bones. The pictures are produced one of the well-known Singapore photographer, Leslie Kee.

I love Leslie Kee, and I am a big fan of his works. He has done many fabulous photographs. He has done works with Beyonce, Lady Gaga, etc popular Hollywood celebrities. Impressive and outstanding works.

As Men’s Folio features pictures from this outstanding photographer in September, it definitely gets my attention to Men’s Folio and its publisher Heart Media.

Who is Heart Media?

There are numbers of well-known magazine publishers in Singapore. These publishers, include SPH Magazines, W3 newspapers, and Heart Media. These publishers have a wide range of magazines – from business, food, lifestyle, fashion, and sports.

As one of the top Singapore magazine publishers, Heart Media has also become the publishers of the Singapore edition of L’Official. As the magazine is one of the leading ladies fashion magazines in France, it gets more attention because its mainly focus on high-end fashion. It targets to the younger educated and independent women who want to look classy and fashionable.

Without a doubt, Heart Media owns Men’s Folio. Being a leading fashion magazine for men in Singapore, its design portrays an image of a man who is aware of his appearance and strives to make himself more appealing. Different from L’Official, it is more targeting to the young men who want to be trendy yet classy. It’s designed for men who do not desire to look casual any longer and would spend a bit more time and money in looking good.

Among the other magazines that Heart Media publishes are:

  • World of Watches, a luxury watch magazine for men
  • WOW Jewelry, a watch magazine for ladies
  • FORM, an interior design and architecture magazine
A GIF from a blog post for Singapore Top Magazine Publisher

The cover is so good. Like a fire.
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