Realistic methods of being a portrait photographer

Hong Kong Portrait Photographer

Emotion can change a lot.
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Q&A: Hong Kong Portrait Photographer, how?

Question: I want to be a good Hong Kong Portrait Photographer. What are the good ways?

Answer: Not talk about the location. Portrait photography is not as easy as it may sound. Rather, it is a difficult skill to master and requires a lot of talent. With the technology becoming more advanced and more user-friendly, anyone can take pictures easily. However, it is not the same story in professional photography. This is especially difficult when it comes to portraiture because you are not only taking a random picture from someone but it also trying to capture their emotion and expression.

Being a Portrait Photographer is not just a quick decision. Surely, you need to have a passion and talent because it is a challenging field to work in.  Getting a good camera only cannot become a good portrait photographer. You also need to concentrate specifically on taking portraits. If you want to become a good portrait photographer, you need to build up the skills and portfolio at capturing portraits because this is the best way to convince people that you have the experience and the quality of work you are capable of.

Here are some other realistic tips to help you become a more talented portrait photographer and it is not only limited to be in specific location, such as Hong Kong Portrait Photographer.

Change Your Perspective

Most portrait photographers capture their pictures at eye level because it is a normal practice. However, many people want to be creative. Changing the angel can give people an interesting perspective or even unexpected good feeling. If you get up close to the subject or shoot them from the ground level, or even from a height, this can help draw attention to the portrait and create the uniqueness.

Break the Conventions of Eye Contact

Normally, people is looking out of the photograph at the viewer. However, it can be interesting to change the gaze of the subject. The subject can look at something, such as an object, and the camera can capture a mystery feeling and eliminate the feeling of a pose. The portrait can feel more realistic. Alternatively you can capture the person working. This can creative a story telling photograph and it gives the portrait a point of interest and the emotion which is hard to tell.

Break the Rules of Composition

Hong Kong Portrait Photographer

Photographer can capture how Jessie Pavelka attempts to take off his shirts.
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Being a photographer always needs to be creative. You cannot always follow the rules. Breaking some standard rules can help you create outstanding works sometimes. In other words, it can make your images more interesting. Instead of following the rule, such as asking your client to stand in the middle of the frame, you can capture your client at the very edge of the portrait. You can also give your client idea and ask them what they prefer.

Playing with Lighting

By playing with light and dark elements in portraits, you can achieve interesting effects. For example, side lighting can create certain mood and background lighting can creative a powerful  image. You can also use slow sync flash which is found on many professional SLR cameras to create a variety of interesting shots.

Aubrey Plaza Reaction GIF - MRW Hong Kong Portrait Photographer does good creative works

MRW I see creative photographers

So using these techniques, you can create new and interesting variations to conventional photography which can give an edge to the portraits that you can capture and will make you a more diversified photographer. At the same time remember to stay positive and not give up your passion with hard work.


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