Goodbye Summer. Hello Fall.

It’s September. Say hello to fall. What is the trending for interior design? Rhiannon will tell you in this blog post “Goodbye Summer. Hello Fall.”

rhiannon's INTERIORS

Look, I love summer as much as the rest of you. However I am pretty excited about the idea that we can welcome pumpkin lattes and I can wear sweaters again. Light sweaters of course. I mean I do live in Los Angeles afterall.

I think the best way to appreciate autumn truly, is to see some pieces that are inspired by that great time of year. Okay, here goes.


This chair is super cozy and that deep amber color just screams fall. I want it. I want it! Anthropologie

This series is from artist Melanie Kimmett. They’re simple, and freakin adorable.

This is when the wool throws start to come out. This makes me want to eat pumpkin cookies and watch scary movies. Available on Etsy.


 I’ve seen many headboards like this, with reused wooden planks. It might even make you feel like you’re sleeping with the…

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