Andrew Burns Picks the 9 Best Buildings in Australia

Australian architect, Andrew Burns, picked 9 best architecture. Are they your preference?

Vogue Living's blog


Sydney-based architect Andrew Burns, designer of Australia House in Japan, guest blogs about the best-designed buildings in the country.

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I’m 26. What’s a filter?

This is a typical example how a Princess cannot get over the rejection today. In other words, she is the same kind of person as Taylor Swift who cannot get over the relationship and needs to write something about it.

There are very few times I use this blog as a personal sounding board. It’s now my 26th birthday, and despite my general distaste for “today I went to Whole Foods and then made a protein-packed paleo Pinterest-procured pizza” writer-driven life posts, this is just something I had to share, if only for other comfortably single women in their 20s.

It all started two weeks ago, when I met some rando at a bar. He was friendly enough, but annoyingly and sloppily drunk, which is why I offered my email address when he asked for my number. We emailed later that weekend, and I met up for a few drinks, which eventually turned to dinner, and then champagne. We had relatively good chemistry, but then, I kinda have chemistry with pretty much everyone, because I really like talking to people and winning over complete strangers.

We had dinner the…

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Raw Politics: Cruz’s crusade against Obamacare

Senator Cruz presents 21 hours talk to protest Obamacare, but is it userful? Anderson Cooper shows his view in this article.

Anderson Cooper 360

Senator Ted Cruz launched his 21-hour talk-a-thon to protest Obamacare, but his marathon speech did nothing to stop the vote that may be the first step in  restoring funding to the Affordable Care Act. It also did not stop the clock on a possible government shutdown. While some of his fellow Republicans cheered Senator Cruz from the sidelines, others are speaking out against what he did. That includes New York Congressman Peter King. He explained to Anderson why he called Sen. Cruz a “fraud.”

[cnn-video url=]

Anderson discussed all of this with host of CNN’s Crossfire and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Chief Congressional correspondent Dana Bash and senior political analyst David Gergen.

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Terrariums are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Do you like plants? Rhiannon’s blog has a new blog about it. Check it out.

rhiannon's INTERIORS

Bloomer4I feel like most of us don’t have enough plants in our homes. So I present to you the terrarium. They’re fun, need very little care, and provide that necessary amount of green that your place might possibly need. These are popping up all over, and are a huge trend right now. You can get them already made, or you can make it yourself. Of course I’m gonna recommend that you make one yourself. Here is a little bit of advice to walk you through it.

Container.These are usually either open or closed. If you are going to have the container remain open, the smaller the opening the better. The idea is you want to keep all of the moisture in, and allow it to self sustain as it needs. You can use just about any type of container, as long as it’s clear so that light can pass…

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13 Ways To Overcome A Writer’s Block

Writing is important. Idea of writing online is not new, but most people definitely lack of patient to do. A successful blogger spend a lot of time to write. L’ Essenziale Home Designs is one of the blogs that I have been following. Anna wrote this new blog post about how to write better. Interestingly Anna is not giving the idea how you should write. It focuses on the following idea

“You thought of a fantastic topic for an article, you picked up a catchy title, and perhaps even wrote the first sentence. And then…Your head seems to be empty and you mind is blocked. Messy thoughts are flying in disorder.” –  Anna

I have that moment all the time, even when I started my private blog networks. Motivation is very important. If you do not have the consistent motivation, that cannot be a good blogger.

However, writing blogs are my business and I do it for my clients. What I do everyday is to set up the time schedule and push myself to write at least 2 blog posts with no less than 300 words everyday. It sounds a difficult task, but it is the way to be a successful blogger. There is no miracle or magic to be a successful blogger within few days. Many good bloggers have been writing blogs for years on specific topics. Photography, design, recipes, and you name it.

On the other hand, a successful blogger needs to know how to use social media, as communication is one of the most important way to promote the blog today. In my opinion, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc are the best social media to promote the blog effectively.

There are many works to do in order to be a successful blogger, and it can be a full time job. However, if you do not do it, you will not get anything. If you start writing a blog post everyday and spread it on social media, you will be definitely successful in a long run.

L' Essenziale Home Designs

Have you ever experienced that? You thought of a fantastic topic for an article, you picked up a catchy title, and perhaps even wrote the first sentence. And then… nulla… Your head seems to be empty and you mind is blocked. Messy thoughts are flying in disorder. I will open you a little secret: you are not the only one.

writer's block

I must confess that when I started blogging it took me two or sometimes even three days to write a single post. I was writing and then correcting and rewriting and editing again. I was so exhausted and overwhelmed with the process that at some point I almost decided to quit. Since then I improved my writing skills a lot. Now it usually takes me around two or three hours to write a new article for my blog. This allows me to publish more often which immediately results in increased…

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Types Of Women I Hate

Your less favorite type of girl. Check this blog post about it.

Thought Catalog

“Guys girls”

How to be one: claim that you are a ‘guy’s girl’ and that you simply get along better with men. Say this without being consciously aware that your distaste for nearly every woman you become acquainted with (and by ‘distaste’ I mean ‘combination of intense fear and jealousy’) precedes actually becoming acquainted with any of them. The better-looking the female is, the greater your unfounded hatred should be. Be unable to refrain from physically reacting when one of these girls enters the room; grit your teeth, tighten your fists, eyeroll at everything they say. Create a self-fulfilling prophecy such that most girls hate you because you are so impolite.

“Pretty girls”

How to be one: if you do have girl friends, they should either be extremely good-looking or much less attractive than you. If they are exclusively babes you are That Girl Who Collects Pretty Friends To Try…

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Little Thing: Singapore Photographer Leslie Kee

Heart Media, Singapore Magazine Publisher. Men's Folio

Godfrey Gao and Leslie Kee work together = Perfect image.
Picture Credit:

Godfrey Gao + Leslie Kee = Men’s FOLIO Cover

It is stylish and fabulous. In September 2013, Singapore magazine Men’s Folio features Godfrey Gao regarding his latest movies, City of Bones. The pictures are produced one of the well-known Singapore photographer, Leslie Kee. Continue reading

There is So Much to Know About Lamp Shades.

A good blog post about lamp shapes. What do you think?

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Each table lamp has 2 important parts to it, the shade, and the base. The shade is not just some insignificant element that blocks out the light. There is so much more to it than that.


There are many styles of shades, but I’ve only listed the most popular. I love the drum shade the best, but of course it depends on what style you need for your design.


Bell/Empire – This is the most popular style, and can sometimes flare out at the bottom as well. Much more versatile than others.


Drum – Looks like a drum. Pretty simple. Great for a more modern look.


Pleated – Can come in any shape, the material is pleated and pairs well with a more traditional theme.


Rectangular / Square – The sides can slope, or appear straight. This is a more contemporary look, but the style can be determined more…

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