9 Things You Need To Know About Colour

What do you need to know about Color for design? Read this.

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Colour theory is a massive section of Interior Design Course. Professional Interior Designers spend years learning about different colour properties, their behaviour under various lighting and psychological impact they have on our mood and state of comfort. Doesn’t matter how many books about colour you have read, real knowledge comes from experience.

Many people feel very insecure about decorating with colour and prefer to use a safe design approach – neutrals. Neutral colours all go together and can be used in any combination as none of them will try to dominate the others:

However, knowing some basics about colour and its properties, you can start experimenting with it, which will allow you to create very bold and stylish spaces.

One thing to mention as well is that over the years the colour theory has changed. What before was considered as dogma is every day disproved by modern designers. However there are…

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