What do Interior Design Photographer do?

Hong Kong Interior Design Photographer

Taking pictures of Anna Sui’s bathroom can be challenging. Picture credit: http://www.elledecor.com/celebrity-style/homes/fashion-home-april-16-2013

Photography for Interior Designers = Marketing

Interior design has been a well-known subject in design field. Hiring an interior designer is no longer restricted or limited to people who enjoy luxury design anymore.  Generally speaking, people want to hire interior designers for investment. A well-designed home is one kind of investments that can increase the value of their homes. Many people usually look for a good interior designer through advertisements. However, the interior designer always need to show their best works for clients and convince people. Most of the times, interior designers use good and professional photographs to demonstrate their previous works, and that is the only way for people to judge the designer whether he or she has the ability or matching style to design. So, interior designers often hire some professional interior design photographer.

Interior Design Photographer is not easy

Nothing is easy. As the design involves details regarding arrangement inside the house, a good interior designer photographer needs to have superior skills in taking different photos in a limited area. Also, the quality of photographs is not depending upon the complexity of camera or other devices because there are chances of producing poor photographs. The skills and experience of the photographer are the key way to determine the quality of the photograph. Every design has its unique feature. As my friend, Angel Andreu, Hong Kong Interior Design Photographer, tells me causally, “An interior design photographer needs to pay attention to the main features of the design to ensure they are clearly visible.”

Jessica Alba has a very colorful home. Interior Design Photographer is important to capture it. Picture Credit: http://www.elledecor.com/

What I understand this by the following features:

(1) Lighting is a vital requirement in photography, and surely it can damage on the quality of photographs. The sun changes position at different time of the day which affects the direction from which a photographer should take the photographs. So, the photographer must understand the nature of the light from the sun to establish a good position that will reduce the sun’s effect on objects in the house. Of course, it needs to have enough brightness in the house to avoid shadows that can affect the quality of photographs.

(2) The focus and exposure are also important. Every photographer must optimize these features in every photography project. These aspects depend on the effect that the photographer intends to bring out on the photograph. Interior design photographers need to focus on coverage of the photograph.  Staging is crucial in enhancing the focus and the ease of taking photographs. This contributes to the production of quality photographs because the photographer has the best view with respect to his position.

(3) Framing and composition are also the main aspects that lead to the production of quality photographs. This adds value to a good picture and emphasize on the key features being displayed.

me looking at my home after seeing all beautiful home pictures
GIF credit: http://realitytvgifs.tumblr.com

In most cases, interior design photography is done for marketing proposes. Interior designers inform their clients and potential clients on the available designs using visual presentations – photograph is definitely one of the best tools. Interior design photographers need to bring out the design features well. If the features are not visible from the photographs, designers may experience a lot of challenges in marketing their works and their skills.


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