Time is Money: Time Management for Portrait Photography

The change of the Portrait Photography Industry

Portrait Photography in the past was considered as one of the most expensive business practice. There were many restrictions to have photo shots in one session. The cost of using classic film rolls, for example, was one of the reasons. Each of the film rolls contains only thirty six images. If photographers attempted husband images for one session, the cost for the photo shooting could be higher than their incomes. The photographers might face some financial loss. For a long run, that was not the best business practice, and the risk of doing such business was very high.  While the risks were too high, there were less professional portrait photographers in the industry (That’s why it was easier to find the well-known and professional portrait photographers in the past.)

Hong Kong Portrait Photographer

Photographers need to capture the best moment within a very short period of time. Photo Credit: http://salonmonster.com/ , Luigi Murenu

Today, being a portrait photographer is becoming less expensive, as digital camera is more common and easy to manage. The industry has experienced changes. Digital cameras are more common and widespread. People can buy a professional digital camera with a reasonable budget. On the other hand, people do not prefer to take pictures with traditional film roll cameras anymore. People always use digital storage or digital memory cards with digital cameras. It is much easier to manage and edit the picture professionally.  Regarding on the price of digital equipment, memory cards, they are relatively cheaper than the traditional equipment.

The Business Practice in Hong Kong

For many years, Hong Kong has been considered as a city located in China where you can get digital cameras and equipment relatively cheaper than elsewhere.  There are many people taking such advantages and attempting to be a professional portrait photographer. However, it should be noted that some Hong Kong Portrait Photographer do not have many experience in photography. They need more time to produce pictures. However, many clients do not want to spend too much time on one session, especially doing corporate photography. So, time management is very important for every portrait photographer. They need to understand the time limitation for each client.

On the other hand, portrait photographer should also notice his clients to dress up. Accordingly, many people have to change the date of photo shooting because of their appeal at work.  Photographer should not have the attitude of “guess” or making assumption. Just call the client and mention the setting. Providing them advice of dress code would save each other time.

Hong Kong Corporate Photographer

Corporate Photography does not need to be very formal. Credit: http://theberry.com


In sum, the photography business has rapidly changed in the past few decades. The business practice has been affected by the change of equipment – from traditional to digital format. The way to look for a good and professional Hong Kong Portrait Photographer or Hong Kong Corporate Photographer has also changed. Time is money. Nobody wants to waste or spend too much time on doing the same project. So, time management is very important that every portrait photographer should know and understand. The best way for the photographers to manage time is to limit the number of images that they can take in one session. Such practice can help the photographers can speed up the shooting. It can also help the photographers improve the photo taking skills.


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